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Latest News
The 85th Editions
of E-Gyan has
been released on
19th July 2016.


Welcome to E-Gyan Monthly News Letter

This E-Gyan Monthly Newsletter is dedicated to the lotus feet of
Shri Guru Dev His divinity Brahmaleen Swami Brahmanand
Saraswati Ji Maharaj, Jagadguru Shankaracharya
of Jyotishpeeth, Badrikashram, Himalayas
& Param Pujya Maharishi Ji.

Its our great joy to inform that E-Gyan Monthly News Letter of Maharishi Organisations– India has released the first edition on the most auspicious day of our Indian Vedic Calendar-Shri Guru Purnima, 7th July 2009.

We all know that Guru Purnima is the day when we offer all our achievements to Holy Tradition of Vedic Masters-Guru Parampara, to Shri Guru Dev Brahmanand Saraswati Ji and to Pujya Maharishi Ji. Releasing the first edition of E-Gyan on Guru Purnima, we are offering all our achievements to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev and Maharishi Ji and seeking their blessings.

E-Gyan Monthly News Letter will be released in the first week of every calendar month. 

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